For you could operate our machine expertly,we provide free training termly every year ,then you could learn to operate our machine efficiently.It really be helpful for analysing quickly , solving problems timely and do the maintain by yourself.




1. This product is guaranteed for one year, lifelong maintenance. The quick-wear parts are free at warranty period .

2、Before the installation,our engineer will train your company operators according to our “machine trainning schedule” for theory and actual mechanical process.The operator will learn to the machine theory then could operate ,resolve the problems and maintain independently.

3、 After installation ,we will send professional operator to do the on-the-spot guidance and debug the machine until the normal prodution.

4、 Build user archives

5、After-sale service :Pls ring our 24 hours service line when you need service.We will arrange engineers to go to your company in 24 hours ASAP (in the same province);and reach the other procinces company in 48 hours.

6、 We will visit customers regularly and make technical exchange.

7、At the slack season ,if you need,we could arrange operator to make maintain for you.

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